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Our Mission: help people reach their fitness goals and become the best possible version of themselves – without a financial distraction.


Like most people, chances are your time is limited in a fast-paced world. Do you want to feel and look better but can’t seem to motivate yourself or find any spare hours to exercise?

Well, fret not, That is where we, The Fitness Brokers, come in! The Fitness Brokers will help you become a new person this year. Why not make this year the year you get back into great shape.


The team at The Fitness Brokers consists of trainers and management with decades of invaluable experience in client consultation and personal training in the greater Toronto area.

All staff at The Fitness Brokers are certified in their training credentials and hold a number of degrees and accreditations with relevant fitness disciplines.


At one point or another, all of us have given up on a fitness goal or just opted out of going to the gym after a long day of work. A consistent workout and fitness routine can help battle the stress of work and life.

Let us, The Fitness Brokers, be your support and coach to get you into a regular gym routine, and start feeling great everyday!

Gyms We Partner With:

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Helping Gym Owners Succeed

Gym owners...are you struggling to gain and retain members? Do you wonder if your staff and management are following procedure when you're not there? Not sure why you're not turning a profit?

We at The Fitness Brokers specialize in analyzing everything from the receptionists greeting to the introductory gym tour to the sales presentation while also monitoring your traffic. We offer a week-long "quick fix gym rescue program" that includes a marketing plan based on your club and demographic. We also can staff your gym, train your staff and offer a variety of other longer term solutions.

Client Testimonials

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    I had the pleasure to work with Israar Khan who was my former boss and colleague and from my experience with him, I can tell he is a great people person with a friendly attitude towards managing staff. I wish him all the very best of luck in all aspects of life.

    - Abdullah Md. Eusuf Parash
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    Fantastic and Expert in the field of health & fitness.He combines his passion with inventive and contemperory fitness techniques to get better than expected results. His format and methodolgy not only helps in better physical fitness but help in busting stress. Add to this his ability with his words to push you for more than what you think you are capable of which helps you to redefine your own limits. Excellent personal coach and great for for employee programs in corporations.
    – August 22, 2013, Javed was Israar’s client

    - Javed Akkhtar, CEO at RewardPort
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    “I was not a gym person, but I knew I needed supervision on my mission to lose weight..the other in home training sites I found were just too far out of my budget, I was beginning to lose hope until I contacted the fitness brokers…they worked within my schedule to train at my home, my trainers condo or a local gym… after losing 20lbs I couldn’t be happier.”

    - Ashley L, Etobicoke On
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    “The guys from fitness brokers really understood my needs, and worked within my budget to match me up with my trainers.”

    - Lori L, Dundas , Ontario

Let us take the stress out of the gym.

The Fitness Brokers provides you with a customized gym and personal training experience.

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